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Today there are countless trends in bathroom design. Vintage, rustic, modern and aesthetic trends come together to form a conglomerate and create a modern design that beats all others. While you are bound to appreciate almost all of these design trends, some of them may turn you off. But do not worry. In this blog, we’ll cover the best trends in modern bathroom design that are worth considering. So if you’ve been planning on giving your bathroom a whole different touch, we’ve got you covered.

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Smart toilets

Modern bathroom design trends are all about how your bathroom looks and the amount of functionality it has to offer. With the smart toilet, you get your hands on impeccable style and functionality that allows you to leave plenty of room for a clean bathroom. As these smart toilets don’t take up enough space, bathroom management also becomes an effortless task. While it can be a bit pricey, integrating this toilet into your bathroom can be a wise investment. They also have hands-free components that minimize maintenance and cleanliness activities. Thus, you will necessarily have an easy time in this space.

Aesthetic plants

Who says you can’t put planters in your bathroom? If you have room in your bathroom, saving this for beautiful plants is a good idea. Planters not only add a splash of color to the toilet, but also promote relaxation and calm. These factors can play a vital role in the toilet, as we are usually in a rush here. They can also help add a pint of aesthetics to your beautiful bathroom and make it look more vibrant in time. If you don’t have enough space to incorporate planters, you can also hang them where you think they will look good in your bathroom. We promise; he will spread magic like no other.

Floor designs

We often underestimate the design of floors and think that the floor will not be able to change much. But wait until you see them do their jobs like no other. Yes, if you’re not willing to spend a fortune on changing the look of your bathroom, you can add a pint of modernity by changing the design of the floors. Floral and monochrome floor patterns are still present. You can try some of them to make your bathroom aesthetic. The floor design will also help increase the overall energy of your bathroom, keeping you coming back time and time again. So why wait?

Quartz Countertops

We can’t stop emphasizing quartz countertops enough. There’s a reason they’re getting more and more popular these days. Quartz countertops are very affordable for beginners, making them a number one choice among most homeowners today. Another great feature of these countertops is that they are very durable. So you don’t have to worry about easy scratches, smudges and cracks at all.

Plus, these counters come in a plethora of designs and colors that will make you want more for a long time to come. Mostly, quartz countertops can be useful because they are easy to clean. What’s not to love about them?

Spacious soaking tubs

We all know why most people hate putting bathtubs in their toilets. While they look great and give you a relaxing time in the bathroom, maintaining them can be a huge task. Moreover, since these tubs are large, they also acquire a huge space. This makes it somewhat difficult for people to take care of a bathtub. But not anymore. Thanks to our modern bathroom design trends, now you can enjoy a space-saving tub effortlessly. So you don’t have to ditch the tub and keep your bathroom clean without enough effort. Isn’t that the best news today?

Stylish faucets and fixtures

Often times we don’t pay much attention to faucets and accessories. But here’s something you need to know: They can quickly transform any feel of your bathroom decor. So why not give them some attention? The next time you want to decorate your bathroom, be sure to focus enough on the styling of your faucets and accessories. Simply changing their color to something that stands out better will do the trick. Rose gold and black are some of the best colors we can think of right now for this purpose. So you can try it out just in time.

Minimize storage

Most of us don’t pay enough attention to the things we store in the toilet. As such, they can consume enough space and prevent us from making the place bigger and better. But by minimizing our storage and keeping only the essentials, we can make more space for a cleaner bathroom in no time. You can also incorporate multifunctional furniture which can help you fulfill your mission well. So you don’t have to look for other storage spaces in different areas of the house.

Backlit mirrors

There are several reasons to believe that backlit mirrors are the new trend. These mirrors come with an additional backlight. So you don’t have to worry about turning on another light when you want to get ready. It also adds a different style and innovation to your bathroom trend, forcing the viewer to stop and stare for a long time. When you want to light them up in the evening, they can also be a standout piece of decoration in these areas.

The bottom line

The bathroom might seem like a tedious place to do anything, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be just an inch away from spreading the magic. So why wait? First, get everyone to stop and take a look as you design the bathroom of your dreams. Then be sure to incorporate these great designs into the ace space right away.


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