6 stylish bathroom designs to excite your free time


It’s nice to take a good shower and let go of all the struggle you endured during the day. But sometimes a good bath is not enough to satisfy our need for retirement. Imagine having a sleek bathroom ready to greet you every time you walk in. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The styling of a bathroom can greatly amplify the relaxing effects of hygiene routines. Improve your mood every time you step into a stylish bathroom. This shows how important it is for your bathroom to be stylishly designed to increase its coziness. A positive mood will surely follow you after going to the toilet. Of course, the design should reflect what you have in mind for a private place. Here are 6 ideas for designing your bathroom to make it more welcoming.

Beach vacation in your bathroom

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When we think of the beach, we think of the tropical sun, the serenity, the oceanic beauty and the general atmosphere of fun. We can incorporate them into the look of a bathroom by using beach elements like ships, marine life, trees, water and sand as decor or as a focal point for the bathroom. Bring that vacation vibe into your own bathroom.

There are many ways to transform a bathroom into a beach-inspired space. If you like the serene atmosphere of the beach, you can go for a white beach bathroom theme with a sand colored wooden floor which gives a clean and bright look.

But if you prefer the fun and unique atmosphere, you can use marine or tropical colors for your bathroom, with beach patterned wallpaper and cool maritime decor. Either way, expect that fun, sunny feeling you get at the beach.

Art deco for a chic touch

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Modern 1920s French style will make your bathroom glamorous. With an emphasis on luxury and a complete departure from the traditional look, Art Deco provides a rich environment for a bathroom – not with grandeur, but with simple, clean shapes and geometric ornaments or stylized.

Imagine walls or floors covered in beautiful geometric patterns or clad in marble, matched with dual console sinks, ornate mirrors, neat cabinets and other chic elements. For a charming yet subtle appearance, opt for glossy black and white with a hint of soft colors like pink, paired with a touch of gold which is a signature of the art deco style. It is guaranteed that you will experience a feeling of extravagance and lavishness in your now shiny, polished, shimmering and luxurious bathroom. One thing to be aware of is that it is easy to blow your budget when going for the art deco style because it usually uses expensive materials.

A personal retreat at the Zen spa

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For those who like to spend free time at the spa, the Zen-inspired bathroom will be a perfect choice for a personal spa at home. Its simplicity and minimalist design with clean lines and muted colors invite a zen atmosphere in a bathroom.

Usually incorporating natural materials such as rustic wood, potted plants or a small garden to evoke the serene feel of nature, these types of bathrooms should be made spacious by organizing cluttered objects to give an open space and a unrestricted atmosphere. In other words, declutter your bathroom and only fill it with what is necessary to help provide a neat space that is positive enough to meditate and rejuvenate both mind and body.

Become stylish with the dark side

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Are you feeling adventurous and courageous? Try dark colors for your bathroom like gray or matte black. Dark colors will create depth in a bathroom, giving a look that is both dark and sophisticated. Indeed, who does not like a sexy and sensual bathroom for a change? With black or gray walls and black marble tiles, the monochromatic style of a bathroom draws attention to the variety of textures used.

Be careful not to get too dark because it is not functional. Balance it with contrasting elements such as sleek white bathroom fittings, bright and soft lighting that is both dramatic and functional.

Comfort in the countryside

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Raw materials like reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are all synonymous with rustic design. It is possible to create this rugged but welcoming and warm look for a bathroom by bringing that cozy atmosphere straight from the countryside. With rustic bathroom designs, you might want to avoid natural light as it might not do the design justice. Instead, go for a whitewashed lamp to give a warm, vintage feel. It’s a great way to relax in the peace of the countryside, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, right in your own bathroom.

Rough edges

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Trying new things and experimenting can be a good thing. Industrial bathroom design, for example, is something unusual worth trying. You may need to be a little creative, however. Maybe even consider mixing industrial design with a modern twist to start.

Using unrefined materials such as exposed brick walls, rough stones, pipes, concrete, and any other material can be difficult, but still manageable. Best of all, the industrial design uses ready-made industrial materials such as oil barrels, ladders and tires to give a unique touch and bring it all together in a cohesive way.

Our little advice: plan everything in advance, or even better call an experienced designer so as not to overdo it, and have fun! Do it right, and you will have your newly refreshed bathroom.


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