6 of the best tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom clean, including your toilet, soap scum, and more


Cleaning the bathroom can sometimes seem like the most painful chore of all, especially when it comes to tackling soap scum, mold, or the plethora of things that can go wrong with the bathroom. shower or toilet.

But it doesn’t have to be all pessimistic.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that will make your bathroom look like it’s been professionally cleaned without having to spend hours scrubbing or breaking the bank.

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, we all want fast, professional results. (Pexels)

What’s the fastest way to clean a bathroom?

When it comes to making the bathroom sparkle, the one thing we all ask ourselves is, “How quickly can I do it?” “

Unfortunately, bathrooms being the ultimate host of bacteria – E. coli, for example, can be found within 6 feet of the toilet and in the sink – there really is no shortcut. It’s just a matter of timing.

The good news is, you don’t need to deep clean your bathroom every week.

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It is recommended that you disinfect your toilet and shower once a week and the tub every fortnight. If you have shower curtains, try to sanitize them weekly to prevent mold, which can cause skin, eye, and throat irritation in some people.

A woman cleans the bathroom sink
Disinfection of your toilet and shower should be done weekly. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Along with that, try swapping out your bath towels and rugs every other day – they load up with staph and fecal bacteria (to name a few) and, if your bathroom doesn’t have fan or does not allow towels to dry completely between uses. , these bacteria can grow alongside fungi or molds associated with humidity.

One key to cleaning your bathroom quickly when you need to sanitize everything is to stay on top of the little things throughout the week.

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If you keep your shower dry between uses and wipe down the counters every few days, all you’ll need to do is clean the toilet, floor, and sink on the scheduled cleaning day (as well as give others a quick glance.).

If the worst should happen, remember: a dry shower is a clean shower and a squeegee is man’s best friend.

Keeping your bathroom germ-free is easier than you might think. (Pexels)

What’s the best cleaning solution for bathrooms?

There isn’t just one miracle product, but keeping vinegar, bleach, and baking soda in your cleaning kit is definitely essential.

A high-quality all-purpose cleaner can be used for more than just bathroom counters, which means you don’t have to buy as many cleaning supplies when doing your weekly grocery shopping. Glass and surface cleaner is also very versatile.

White vinegar is an inexpensive natural disinfectant that can effectively clean surfaces full of germs and bacteria. Whether it’s cleaning clogged drains, sanitizing surfaces, or banishing soap scum, this pantry staple can be used in almost any room in the house, even cleaning floors.

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Bleach is a critical triple threat, especially for toilets as it kills germs and odors and brightens surfaces.

Another must-have is baking soda, which can be used to polish and scrub stained or dull surfaces, like your bathroom faucet. Plus, it can be sprinkled at the bottom of garbage cans to act as a deodorant and absorb bad odors.

When it comes to using chemicals, be sure to use these products in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself.

There is nothing like getting professional-level cleaning at a fraction of the cost. (Pexels)

How do professionals clean bathrooms?

Frankly, getting a professional-level cleaning at a fraction of the cost is the best of both worlds, but it does take time and a bit of elbow grease if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here’s how to effectively and efficiently deep clean your bathroom.

To maximize your time, be sure to first remove all items in your bathroom, including towels, hand soap, toilet paper, and trash cans, from their usual locations rather than as they go. to measure. This gives you a blank canvas to work on.

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Next, dust corners, vents, and light fixtures, then sweep or vacuum the floors, making sure to pick up any hair or other debris.

Apply an acid-based cleaner to your shower and tub if you have a lot of buildup, otherwise an all-purpose cleaner will do if you clean it regularly. Allow it to soak in while you tackle other surfaces with the acid-based cleaner or all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths or sponges including towel rails, shelves, baseboards, doors , blinds and window sills.

The best technique is to work in sections, top to bottom and left to right.

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With lukewarm water, fill a bucket and mix in your chosen cleaning solution for the floor. Let sit while you lightly scrub the buildup and dirt from your shower and tub with your microfiber cloth or sponge. Be sure to wipe down all floors, walls and other surfaces before rinsing with water.

After rinsing, replace any items you removed from your shower and tub, wiping them down as you go, then close the shower door (or shower curtain). Be sure to spray and wipe down your shower door and all glass surfaces, including mirrors, with glass cleaner.

Remember to wipe down faucets and mirrors. (Pexels)

The next step is to clean your vanity areas by wiping down the sink, faucets, and countertops with a spray bottle and an all-purpose rag and a clean rag.

For those who may have a buildup around the sink or any soap dish, use a harder sponge to loosen it before wiping it down. The surfaces of the cabinets can be dusted with a cloth dampened in water.

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This next step depends entirely on how often you clean your toilet. If you regularly scrub the inside of your toilet, using an all-purpose cleaner should be sufficient. But, like with your shower and tub, if you don’t and it builds up, use a toilet-specific cleanser before scrubbing with a toilet brush before flushing the toilet.

For the exterior of the toilet, spray with an all-purpose cleaner and then wipe with a clean cloth.

Finish your bathroom deep cleaning by wiping down the floor and replacing your trash and towels.

Cleaning up shower buildup may require a bit of elbow grease. (Pexels)

Tips for cleaning the shower

Everyone knows that when it comes to cleaning your shower, soap scum, grout grime, and cloudy surfaces are the go-to stains, but if you have a glass shower door, there may be -being a place that you missed.

Don’t overlook the plastic strip at the bottom of your glass door, which can grow mold and become a hotbed of germs. Remove the tape and wipe it off when you notice it getting a little dirty.

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Another tip for when you may be out of window cleaner is to brew black tea and cold spray it on mirrored surfaces like windows and shower screens for a streak-free result.

One of the simplest tips is to fill a washing-up brush with vinegar and washing-up liquid and wipe it off after each use. Doing this often means you will avoid having to deep clean the shower so often.

Bathroom grout is the bane of having beautiful bathroom tiles. (Pexels)

Bathroom grout cleaning tips

If you’re in a rush to find a solution to getting rid of persistent bathroom grout, try mixing a Domestos-like product and baking soda into a paste and apply it to the grout (and soap scum). with a toothbrush – it is so strong that you may not even need to leave it on for that long before brushing it.

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Of course, you can also just pour toilet cleaner over the grout and let it sit for a few minutes before getting on all fours and scrubbing to remove the dirt.

Popular pantry items can be used as bathroom cleaners. (Pexels)

Tips for cleaning the bathroom with vinegar and baking soda

The best thing about being able to use vinegar and baking soda to clean your bathroom is, other than the fact that they’re not harsh chemicals, they’re probably in your pantry.

Aside from the coulis paste and vinegar dish scrubbing tips, if you fancy using vinegar and want to be productive while you sleep, tie a sandwich bag filled with vinegar around it. your shower head and secure it with a rubber band.

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Leave it on overnight to remove the watermark accumulated on the nozzle. In the morning, all you have to do is wipe off the residue.

Baking soda is also an environmentally friendly pipe cleaner, which can clean plugs without polluting the water system with harsh chemicals.

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