5 bathroom cleaning tips that can make your chore easier


Cleaning your bathroom is a hectic job because you have to do a lot of work. From floors to walls, including shelves and faucets, everything needs to be cleaned to give your bathroom a new look. So, this task may seem quite difficult.

However, cleaning the bathroom can be done with some quick and easy tips that will make your task easier. According to experts, you should always clean your bathroom at least once a week to maintain basic hygiene standards. So here are the cleaning tips for your bathroom.

Bathroom cleaning tips:

1.First, write down the areas and list them. This way you will know how to proceed and what things you need to clean up the space.

2.Spots on bathroom mirrors are easy to spot, so you need to pay special attention to them. These stains are difficult to remove, but not with strong black tea. Take a soft cloth and dip it in black tea and gently rub it on the mirror. The stains will be removed then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

3. Next comes the toilet bowl. A clean commode is also important for maintaining the standard of hygiene in your bathroom. So, pour ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of white vinegar into your toilet bowl and let sit for 15 minutes. Then scrub the toilet with a brush and flush it.

4.Faucets and accessories must be cleaned properly. Due to regular use and water, they tend to lose their shine. So, put some baby oil on a clean towel and polish it to get that shine back.

5.You can also rub a lemon on the fixtures to remove stains.


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