20 Best Dorm Room Essentials on Amazon for Freshmen to Seniors 2022



The 500+ Club helps take the guesswork out of shopping on Amazon. Good Housekeeping’s shopping experts have reviewed the products below to make sure they’re worth your money. Each has at least 500 reviews and a minimum rating of 4 stars from real, verified reviewers, so you can be sure you’re buying products that actually work, according to users and experts.

Setting up a dorm can be a daunting experience for incoming students and parents. After years of preparing, applying, advising, and setting your course schedule, this is the final step in transitioning to student life. As if that weren’t daunting enough, there are also so many oddly specific things about dorm life that it’s hard to know if you’ve never done it before (for example, the infamous size of Twin XL bed), so shopping around for your dorm can be a challenge.

To make things a little easier, we checked out Good Housekeeping’s guide to the dorm essentials every college student needs and found options on Amazon that are both affordable and backed by over 500 reviews with a minimum rating of 4 stars. Whether it’s a power strip, sleep mask, or shower caddy, these are handy must-haves for dorm life that you might not think of when having fun planning the night. perfect dorm decor.

Now, the only thing you or your freshman (or sophomore, junior, or senior) needs is a tested-best mini-fridge.

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Twin XL Microfiber Sheet Set

Gel Infused Cooling Mattress Topper, Twin XL

AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Small desk lamp with USB charging port

3 in 1 wireless charging stand

TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

Copper string lights with remote control

Over the door hanging organizer

Full length mirror above the door

Fine laundry basket with wheels

Hangit Display Collage Set

Lap desk with device ledge

Potted Succulent Set, 6 Pack

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