10 natural and eco-friendly home cleaners under Rs 800 to help you live sustainably


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MMany of the chemicals we rely on to clean and maintain our homes contain dangerous and toxic ingredients that could lead to long-term health issues for the family. Additionally, the manufacture and disposal of these products also contribute greatly to environmental pollution – contaminants in chemical cleaners can have adverse effects on water bodies and marine organisms.

But you could make a difference by making conscious decisions for your home. To help you get started, here is our list of sustainable and eco-friendly household cleaning solutions, all under Rs 800.

1. PureCult Floor Cleaner

PureCult Floor Cleaner has a concentrated no-rinse formula and is made from eco-friendly, plant-based ingredients, with natural antimicrobial agents and pure essential oils. It claims to contain no toxic ingredients like sulfates, phosphates, bleach, and ammonia, as well as no artificial colors or fragrances.

An added benefit is the aroma this cleaner will leave your home with – it contains natural fragrances with a blend of geranium and lavender essential oils. These oils also have antifungal and bacterial properties.

Review: “This floor cleaner from Pure Cult is a must. It is free from all harsh chemicals and keeps the floor sparkling clean. Plus, it smells divine, unlike other floor cleaners that smell full of chemicals. I am extremely satisfied with the quality Pure Cult delivers every time,” writes Moushumi Pal in Amazon reviews.

Purecult Floor Cleaner

Price: Rs 239 / 500ml
Buy it here.

2. ThinkSafe Organica Natural Toilet Cleaner

Formulated with plant-based enzymes, ThinkSafe Organica Natural Toilet Cleaner works well to kill germs and leave the toilet bowl sparkling clean.

Since it is made from eco-friendly ingredients, it is gentle on the environment, non-corrosive and has a biodegradable formula. The cleaner is also free of hydrochloric acid, bleach and toxic fumes.

Its pH-neutral formula makes it safe for skin, and it’s infused with natural fragrances of eucalyptus, lemongrass oil, and other essential oils.

The thick liquid formulation helps you use less amount per application, which also makes it economical to use.

Review“I doubted at first that a natural product could clean to the same level as chemicals, but to my surprise, it went above and beyond. Must buy and discard these chemical substitutes. writes Shivam in Amazon reviews.

ThinkSafe Toilet Cleaner
ThinkSafe Toilet Cleaner

Price: Rs 270 for 1 liter
Buy it here.

3. The best all-purpose cleaner for the home

This all-purpose solution from The Better Home is made with a plant-based, non-toxic formula that contains no soap or petroleum-based solvents. The solution is suitable for all surfaces and is safe for everyone at home. It is also free of sulfates, bleach, and parabens, which also makes it safer for children and pets.

The cleanser uses essential oils and its ergonomic spray bottle allows you to clean in just a few passes.

The product can help you clean dirt, grease stains, etc., and can also be used to deep clean appliances, windows, kitchen, tiles, floors and bathroom counters.

Review: “I really like the lemony scent of this product. Easy to use and cleans kitchen counters, appliances and walls well,” one customer wrote in Amazon reviews.

Better Home All Purpose Cleaner
Better Home All Purpose Cleaner

Price: Rs 199 for 1 liter
Buy it here.

4. Proklean GreaseOut – Natural and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Degreaser

Proklean GreaseOut is an eco-friendly kitchen degreasing solution made with bio-based ingredients.

It is effective in removing all stubborn grease and dirt from kitchen appliances, counters, fireplaces, etc. It does not contain any allergens, sulfates or phosphates, which makes the product safe for even the most sensitive skin. It is also cruelty-free and Greenpro certified (the highest certification in India for truly green products).

Review: “I have used different products to eliminate grease formation in the kitchen. But only this product made a difference and was easy to use and clean. The results were much better. I recommend it,” writes Rahil in Amazon reviews.

Proklean lubrication
Proklean lubrication

Price: Rs 256 for the pack of 2 (400 ml each)
Buy it here.

5. SacredEarth Natural Dish Soap

This natural dishwashing liquid is plant-based and eco-friendly, and leaves no residue. It also contains no artificial additives such as dyes, fragrances, enzymes, bleaches, etc.

The liquid is rich in ingredients like soap nuts, lemon, lemongrass, thyme, and bergamot. It also lathers well and a few drops are enough to clean 15-20 utensils. It quickly creates mounds of lather while naturally hydrating and softening the skin. Dishwasher gel is safe for utensils, gentle on skin and safe for babies.

Review: “The first thing is that it is chemical free which is the best part. The smell of the product is also too good. I have been using this product for a few years. I am very satisfied with the product. It foams It’s very gentle and safe on hands, even for people with very sensitive skin,” writes Sreelakshmi in Amazon’s reviews.

SacredEarth Natural Dish Soap
SacredEarth Natural Dish Soap

Price: Rs 397 for 500ml
Buy it here.

6. Koparo Furniture Cleaner

Made with natural ingredients and oils, Koparo Furniture Cleaner can effectively clean, condition and protect wooden items in the home. As a high quality wood conditioner and cleaner, the product helps remove accumulated dirt, dust and grease and revitalizes wood. It also offers the 3-in-1 benefits of cleaning, polishing and protecting wood from moisture damage.

It is safe to use on all wood surfaces including tables, antiques, railings and railings, kitchen cabinets, etc. Plus, it leaves no oily or waxy residue on surfaces after use.

This liquid was made from pure natural oils and non-caustic plant ingredients. It is also PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan.

Review“This is a must have product for every home. I was really amazed with the result. Can be used on raw wood, formica, rattan furniture,” Jaspreet writes in the reviews.

Koparo furniture cleaner
Koparo furniture cleaner

Price: Rs 236 for 300ml
Buy it here.

7. Herbal Strategi – Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

This bathroom and kitchen cleaner is made with plant-based ingredients like lemon oil and coconut-based surfactants, which are known to be a powerful cleaning agent and deodorizer.

It can be used to clean bathroom tiles, sink, bathtub, bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as to remove water spots. It is biodegradable and gentle on the environment.

The refreshing smell of lemon oil helps get rid of the damp smell that is common near sinks and water faucets. It not only works as a cleaning agent, but also protects the bathroom and kitchen from calcification, which can make fittings tight and difficult to use.

The product is safe for the skin and free from toxic ingredients, thus ensuring the safety of children and pets.

Review: “Excellent product – removes stains perfectly”, writes Gowtham in the reviews.

Herbal Strategi – Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner
Herbal Strategi – Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner

Price: Rs 210 for 500ml
Buy it here.

8. Tierra Floor Cleaner Liquid

Tierra Floor Cleaning Liquid is biodegradable and made from plant-based ingredients without toxic chemicals. This eco-friendly cleaner removes stubborn stains and dirt and helps keep floors perfectly clean at all times.

The cleanser is also infused with neem and basil extracts, and is safe for children and pets. It can be used to clean all kinds of floors like marble, wood, granite, ceramic, tile floors, etc.

Review: “I have a crawling baby at home, so I decided to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. The normal cleaner leaves a soapy residue on the floor, which makes it feel sticky and slippery. However, there was no such residue left after using this floor cleaner,” writes Revathi in Amazon reviews.

Tierra Floor Cleaner
Tierra Floor Cleaner

Price: Rs 299 for 1 liter
Buy it here.

9. Brand Nourish PUER dish gel

PUER dishwashing gel is made from plant-based ingredients and guarantees “perfectly clean utensils in seconds”. This gel has strong degreasing properties and can even be used to clean dry dishes with stubborn stains.

It also contains a NEOFRESH aromatic molecule that helps eliminate strong food odors. The brand says that a single scoop of PUER dishwashing gel is enough to clean up to 10 utensils (depending on the size of the utensils).

Review“The quality of the product is incredible. It’s so good and better than any other dishwashing liquid. Also, the smell is amazing. Must buy,” one customer wrote in Amazon reviews.

Brand Nourish's PUER Zesty Blast Dish Gel
Nourish brand PUER dishwashing gel

Price: Rs 131 for 500ml
Buy it here.

ten. Dr Octo Liquid Detergent

This biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly detergent liquid is derived from 100% natural and rich sources. It’s also infused with safe, allergen-free fragrances.

The gentle formula of this liquid detergent forms suds and lathers to clean away dirt. The product is free of chemicals like MEA, chlorine, phthalates, ammonia and phosphates. It is therefore safe for children.

The brand also claims to be plastic neutral and claims that for every plastic bottle it uses, it recycles a similar amount of plastic.

Review: “I have been looking for ecological cleaning products for a long time, Dr. Octo seems to be my last stop. It is surprisingly effective for a herbal product. There is a lingering citrus scent which I love. Glad I ordered this,” one customer wrote on Amazon reviews.

Dr. Octo laundry liquid
Dr Octo Liquid Detergent

Price: Rs 287 for 1 liter
Buy it here.

(Editing by Divya Sethu)


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